There is a new magazine in town – Vogue Scandinavia

So it finally happened, Vogue launched in Scandinavia, with its HQ in Stockholm. It’s a proud moment for all the fashion lovers living in Scandi. The first issue is a contribution to what combines all the Nordic countries together: our famous, lush, green and serene nature. With no other than environmental activist Greta Thunberg on the cover.

In 1892 the first ever Vogue was released, with a hand sketched cover of a beautiful woman wearing a long, embroidered gown with puffed shoulders. The covers and content has come a long way since the first issue but the goal of the magazine will forever stay the same – to inspire. Many may look at a fashion magazine thinking it’s just about fashion but in fact it’s a platform to communicate so much more than just the clothes the models are wearing or what’s the latest trends. A fashion magazine is in fact a gateway of the past, present and the future. In their own way they portray and shine light on important historical moments, political issues, world catastrophes and news.

The late editor in chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, created one of the most iconic Vogue issues ever by doing just this. Through the iconic Makeover Madness-issue current events were highlighted in an almost satirical manner, sparking controversy and discussion. Martina Bonnier continues this tradition of pushing boundaries and highlighting current events with Vogue Scandinavias first issue. With thoughtful, powerful editorials and insightful, debating journalism she is mirroring our present time and addressing the current issues in the most fashionable way.

Vogue Scandinavia came out strong and bold, by having the 18 year old environmental activist gracing the cover of the first issue as well as the powerful communication of being the first sustainable magazine. This has led to some greenwashing accusations towards the most recent addition of the Conde Nast-family. Since Vogue is covering an industry that is a part of the environmental issue there has been some debate whether a fashion magazine objectively can address a subject which is such a big part of their business. But doesn’t that make Vogue the perfect outlet to talk about it? By showing the business that the environment is important to them they can inspire and put pressure on brands and stakeholders to make vital changes for a more sustainable future. If the fashion magazines don’t shed light on the current issues we are facing and take responsibility the best way they can, then really, who will.

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