Débora Rosa – Wardrobe series

Since everybody wears clothes Filippa Hägg wants to deep dive inte some of the world’s most inspiring people’s closets. In this fashionable interview series, Wardrobe Diaries, we get to know their fashion memories, secrets and favourites. Featuring imagery shots through their own lenses. Wardrobe Diaries allows you to get a glimpse into their own fashion journey and relationship with clothes.

The creative fashion consultant Débora Rosa is mesmerizing everybody with her creative aestethics. It’s the mix of sophistication and artistry that is so alluring and a reason to her second inspirational account Fashion Gone Rouge where fashion, art and interior is whipped up to a feed one could scroll through for hours. Here she talks with Filippa Hägg
about the importance of planning purchases ahead and challenging yourself in order to find your style.

FH: Debora, how would you describe your style?

DR: Minimal, timeless with a twist, and comfortable.

FH: What was your first big fashion purchase?

DR: I’m not sure but I think it was my CÉLINE clasp bag and Madame boots.

FH: Do you plan your purchases ahead or are you a spontaneous shopper?

DR: I always plan ahead, I create a folder on Pinterest and do moodboards. Let it sit there
and think about it from time to time.

FH: One item of clothing in your closet you have haven’t been able to wear yet?

DR: I never had the opportunity to wear this Magda Butryum flower dress. It’s a mini dress
with a big flower at the front. It’s a beautiful piece that I had planned to wear to my best friend’s
wedding but due to the pandemic never had the chance too. One day for sure!

FH: What is your best tip to finding your own personal style?

DR: You have to feel comfortable and empowered. Challenge yourself and try something
different from time to time, and see what’s works for you. It’s a process and it grows with
you. Let it come naturally.

FH: One fashion item you can’t live without?

DR: Hard to just say one! I love tank tops, suit trousers, sneakers and sunglasses.

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