Christie Tyler

In this fashionable interview series Wardrobe Diaries, Filippa Hägg deep dives into some of the world’s most inspiring closets. We get to know their fashion memories, secrets and favourites. Featuring imagery shot through their own lens. Wardrobe Diaries allows you to get a glimpse into their own fashion journey and relationship with clothes.

Known from her previous screen name NYC Bambi, Christie Tyler takes the concept of minimalism to another level. Throughout her personal style, interior and artistic photographs. With her refined and clean looks you could almost mistake her for a Scandinavian as her feed is filled with the beautiful color scheme of neutrals. Here, she talks with Filippa Hägg about her personal style, her ever first fashion memory and why being comfortable is the most stylish option.

FH: Christie, how would you best describe your style?
CT: I would describe my style as neutral, minimal, and simplistic. I try to keep my wardrobe as timeless as possible to keep it sustainable and effortless — I love looks that feel comfortable yet chic. Sticking to neutrals really helps me navigate that too. There is something about minimalism that I never get tired of.

FH: Your first fashion memory?

CT: My grandma was a seamstress and so she was really the first one to introduce me to sewing and making my own garments. I don’t do that anymore, but flipping through her old magazines whilst she sewed remains a keen memory of mine. My mom also always dresses up for date nights with my dad, and I loved waiting for her debut her look when I was a kid. I used to help her pick out accessories and jewelry. My family has always had a casual love for fashion and that has rubbed off on me…though I wouldn’t say my love is casual, it’s quite an infatuation at this point!

FH: An item with sentimental value you never use but will never get rid of?

CT: My grandfathers ring — it’s a big signet ring with a ruby but my fingers are small so it doesn’t fit well, and I would absolutely hate to lose it. It will forever be in my collection in remembrance of him.

FH: Your favourite fashion era?

CT: Definitely the 90s. Old Calvin Klein, Prada, and Gucci by Tom Ford are my favorite runway shows to watch. It was peak minimalism, simplicity, and there is something about fashion during that time that was so captivating and cool.

FH: What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

CT: I think the beauty of fashion is that there really can’t be any faux pas. Unless it’s at the expense of someone or something else—like real fur or overly excessive fast fashion. But in terms of styling, there is not really much I look down upon. Everyone has their own style and uniqueness and I think that’s beautiful.

FH: Do you prefer new or vintage?

CT: Vintage!

FH: What is your best tip in finding your own personal style?

CT: I think it’s truly about comfort. What you feel comfortable in, what shapes you feel confident in, what colors you like and make you feel your best…that’s how you find your personal style.

FH: One fashion item you can’t live without?

CT: Would have to be my vintage trench coat. Fall, spring, even layered in the winter — it’s my perfect go to for any look. Comfortable, chic, and practical!

Coat from FILIPPA HÄGG. Mini dress from FILIPPA HÄGG. Modernist Midcentury Wicker and Iron Chairsfrom 1STDIBS. Necklace from AGMESNYC. Lamp from 1STDIBS. Coffee jug from RWGUILD.
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